photo by Kristi Neilson 

photo by Kristi Neilson 


Kylaido (kuh-lie-doe) is a genre bending indie-electronic band based out of Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2015, the trio have been writing and recording together to develop a sound that is completely their own; taking cues from soul, trip hop, rock, and dream pop.


Singer Shannon Swartz’s soulful voice and raw lyrics flow beautifully over the dark, broody beat produced by Ben Coflan, and Alec Lingiewicz’s haunting guitar lines.


Kylaido released their first single “Ebb + Flow” in 2016 when it was featured in a collaboration with artist Jody Steel for her body art video “Body Image”.

Since then, Kylaido has been hard at work on their debut EP Heavy Highs, now available on all major retailers and streaming services.